Random thoughts from a landlocked mind!

He’s doing things by himself more…

I feel sad sometimes now when I don’t go with him to the VA. He’s doing better now and I want him to build confidence in accomplishing things on his own. It’s just a physical therapy for his hand today. It’s a long drive though. I am so thankful that he never suffered a brain injury like many of the military have.

He bought a project car. He’s SOOO happy! I’m happy for him. Unfortunately, it’s already causing stress for me. Grrr. This kind of thing has happened before. When he was in the service, he would work “jobs”. He’s done that for so long, that he loves it when he gets a “job”. He virtually becomes obsessed. Last year, it was having a huge retaining wall built in the back yard. Now it’s the 1931 Ford Model A. He ignores his responsibilities to the house that he committed to when I started back at college. I’m so happy he’s happy, but it makes my life so hard 😦

I’m not sure how this will play out. He knows my concerns. Sigh…

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statistics, blek…

I dropped my statistics class and I feel like a loser. I know I really had no choice. I think I was foolish to take such a complicated class in one third time Summer schedule. So, triple the pace! I tried and I couldn’t keep up.  I must wait for the fall and take it at a normal pace. Dear God, I hope I get it then.

Disappointed in myself 😦

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Random thoughts from a landlocked mind!