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Helmet Laws…

Today my daughter called me to tell me her new beau had died in a single motorcycle accident. My heart broke for her.

When I moved to Minnesota from Massachusetts, I was flabbergasted that there was no helmet law. I had never been in a state where there wasn’t one, and I’ve been up and down the East Coast from Florida to Ontario. It was something very common in the Midwest and I wasn’t getting it.

I posted on Facebook that I support helmet laws. Just that, nothing else. Of course there was a ruckus and that’s okay. Isn’t that what social media is about? Assuming people are reasonable, don’t use hate speech and don’t monopolize someone’s thread.

Some people compared it to “losing freedoms and how am I gonna tell my grandchildren about gay marriage”, which I found tangential. Another posted how she felt it fell into the “my body, my decision” category along with seat belts and abortion laws.

My feeling is a twist on the latter. I feel that abortion laws are “my body, my decision”. I don’t believe that seat belts and helmets are always. A car or motorcycle accident reaches out to so many people in so many ways. It devastates whole families and if someone lives and is a brain dead or crippled it can bleed a family emotionally, physically, financially, etc. Am I being heartless?

When I was younger we went for so many hospital visits, so many funerals for victims of car and motorcycle accidents. I believe helmets save lives.

My kid is in pain. She’s lost four friends to car/motorcycle accidents. I can’t fix her pain.



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My grand intro?

Where do we start? Let’s see if the random thoughts of a mid-life chick, landlocked in the Midwest can interest some readers enough to think my writing is interesting. I am ready to discuss it all. I’m bursting at the seams and have a lot to say.

Shall I use it as my springboard to purge a distracted mind or a diary that I want to scream out loud? Maybe a bit of both.

My impetus to start blogging was multifold; it was being a military wife, having adopted my grandchild, having given up my hometown to follow love, my father’s passing, and working in the substance abuse treatment field. I am not an LADC, I worked in the unit. I was on the floor with adolescents. I learned more than I could have ever imagined.

Sadly, so much has to do with grieving. If we do it well, then we move along to wonderful things. If we do it badly, we get stuck in toxic thinking. It’s release, it’s surrender. I recently saw an explanation of surrender as arms up to the heavens, not slumped down in defeat. That simple gesture taught me so much.

I’ll be sharing it all, little by little. I’m learning.

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Random thoughts from a landlocked mind!